Many users would certainly prefer to type at least a bit faster and with less errors than they currently do. As anyone would expect, in order to achieve this goal a lot of training is needed and there are many alternative one can use for these purposes.

Smart Hindi Typing Tool is one of the applications that are created to meet the needs of users who want to improve their typing skills in either of the two or in both supported languages.

This program is clearly focused on practicality as its appearance is rather dull and without any visual appeal. Nonetheless, the commands are at hand, in plain sight, so using Smart Hindi Typing Tool should be an easy task even for less experienced users.

There are several parameters related to the typing speed and accuracy which can be monitored with this application and each of them has a distinct place in the upper part of the main window, so users can read the values without any efforts.

Smart Hindi Typing Tool is able to use two types of input as the starting point for the exercises as it supports BMP, JPG and GIF images, as well as the common text files in TXT format. As soon as one of these is loaded, the user can begin transcribing the content from the source as quickly as possible and without making too many corrections.

This utility is able to keep track of the gross number of keystrokes and it presents that figure right next to the number of deletions made by the user and the net key presses. After the test is stopped, Smart Hindi Typing Tool offers a precise estimate concerning the speed in words per minute and characters per minute, so monitoring one's progress should be fairly easy from session to session.

On the whole, this software solution seems to suit beginners a bit better, mainly because there are no configurations available or any advanced features that the more experienced users could put to good use.