Storing your personal photos on your PC provides you with fast access to them at all times, though it is also a great idea to back all of them up, to avoid situations in which these photos are lost due to accidental deletion or hard drive failures.

In the event that images are indeed deleted and no backup is available to restore them this way, you can always take advantage of various recovery tools, such as Smart Image Recovery, which allow you to restore erased images to their original state.

One thing that we should note right from the start is the fact that the tool automatically places on your desktop shortcuts to other software that it does not require to function properly, and that it also displays advertisements when in use.

The application comes with a straightforward interface, built based on the principle of “what you see is what you get.” The tool allows you to select the drive you want to scan for deleted images, after which you can simply click on the “Search” button to kick off the process.

As soon as the search has been completed, the software displays the number of photos it has found on the drive, though keep in mind that it can discover only images saved in three file formats, namely JPG, GIF, and PNG.

As soon as the application has completed the scan, you can view the images it has found in each category, and you can also select which of them you want to be restored. You also have the option to select all of them for recovery, and you can set a specific directory where the recovered files should be saved.

During our testing, the program performed well, though you should keep in mind that it eats up your PC's resources during the search process, and that it might become unresponsive at times. Also note that, depending on the size of your drive, the scanning process could take a long time.

All in all, Smart Image Recovery can easily prove a great option when you want to recover images that you might have thought long lost, despite the fact that it supports only three file formats. It has an intuitive interface, is relatively fast, and does not require advanced technical skills to operate.