Smart Math Calculator Professional provides you with an alternative to the integrated Windows calculator, enabling you to work with more than 30 mathematical functions of all types and define your own.

With a simple and easy to use interface, it can compute the result as you type the math expression, ensuring high accuracy. It can parse multiple math expressions at the same time and comes with options for solving equations or work with fractions, while offering you the possibility to define your own variables.

Aside from the basic set of mathematical operations (addition, subtractions, divisions and multiplications), the calculator enables you to work with trigonometrical functions, calculate logarithms, percentages, square roots and factorials. It can parse complex math expressions and enables you to insert popular constants.

Aside from math functions, it also integrates a generous library that comprises functions specific to various domains, such as chemistry (for temperature conversions and density calculation), finance (future and present value, remaining balance, compund interest, load payments, simple interests, effective rate) and physics (popular constant values - speed of light, Avogadro's number, Coulomb constant and so on).

Smart Math Calculator Professional supports changing the numeral system from the default decimal to hexadecimal, binary, octal or any other. You can also adjust the number of decimals to display and use scientific numbering to display very large numbers.

Smart Math Calculator Professional comes in handy to anyone who needs to perform various calculations, not limited to math.