While you're working on your computer, there's a lot going on in the background to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. Such information can be readily accessed by the user through different means, but it's safe to say that it's not all plainly comprehensible.

Programs that can ease you into this process have surfaced lately, so as to help more casual users understand what's going on behind the scenes. Smart Net Manager is very tempting in that regard, as it features an intuitive, modern interface, in which ample detail about your system is offered in an easily digestible manner.

The app is very nicely organized, and that's immediately apparent at first glance. The Dashboard tab features numerous stats about the usage of your processor, memory, and storage, as well as metrics about your network, ongoing processes, and more.

With all the info presented in the Dashboard, the fact that it all looks so tidy can be attributed to clever design. The other tabs, too, are much the same: data about your system is delivered in a legible manner, making it easy to understand.

Besides the design language following suit, if the user wants to delve into the more advanced metrics, they can do so in the respective tabs. For instance, details about your CPU's Privileged Time, Idle Time, Gauge, and many others, are readily accessible from the additional menus featured in the Processor tab.

Perhaps the most eye-catching thing about this software lies in the network-related data it can provide. The Geographical map of internet connections is one such example, observable right from the dashboard: it succinctly informs you about the sent and received data packets, along with the processes using the most bandwidth.

More detail about that can be found in the designated tab, and it was interesting to find that we'd received over 2GB of internet packets today.

Smart Net Manager is indeed smart. Its way of incorporating so much information into such a neatly designed package is perhaps the most clever thing about it.