Smart PC Professional is a feature-packed application whose goal is to clean up the system to ultimately improve performance.

The interface is represented by a standard window with all the main functions neatly organized into tabs.

At startup, you can use a wizard to perform a quick analysis on Registry errors, temporary files and the website visited history.

Smart PC Professional is able to fix Registry problems in the following locations: software locations, shared and known programs, ActiveX and COM entries, start programs list, uninstall entries, file associations, help and resources, fonts and sounds, and temporary Registry values.

Another important feature cleans user tracks, whether we are talking about the documents history, temporary folder or Internet cache information, webpages visited history, Internet cookies or temporary Registry values.

It is possible to add or remove apps which automatically run at Windows startup, make OS adjustments (e.g. automatic reload on system failure, login details autofill in forms, disable Task Manager), as well as schedule a one-time or recurring task (at startup, daily or weekly).

The scan and clean mode is performed in one of the three ways - quick, normal or full, as an alternative to the Smart PC Professional wizard mode. There is also the option of customizing the scan by selecting the Registry areas to include.

Other tools of Smart PC Professional focus on fixing invalid shortcuts, eliminating junk or duplicate files, recovering deleted data, and terminating active process or changing their priority; you may view system information and evaluate log files.

Smart PC Professional clearly sports numerous maintenance tools, but it also lacks some important features, such as creating an exclusion list for Registry entries or defragmenting the Registry. However, its impact is minimal on the system resources, and it carries out a scan and clean job rapidly and error-free. Plus, the intuitive environment makes Smart PC Professional a good choice even to novice users.