Granted, some musicians can argue that using a metronome is bound to lead to a timing that is rigid and does not include any variation. While this can be applicable in some cases, let us not forget that when two or more artists are performing together, the same tool is vital for developing a good rhythm and tempo.

SmartMetronome is a lightweight application that enables you to address any timing issues that you might have by openly listening to you play.

The setup is fairly quick and, after you decompress the archive, you can start using the application right away. The app comes with a stylish and modern UI that is also quite easy to understand and navigate.

To put is simply, you can adjust the beats per minute, time signature, sound pack and save the configuration you are satisfied with as a preset. As the name suggests, the Audio Setup tab allows you to specify the inputs and outputs of the audio channels and MIDI device you connect to the computer.

In regards to the configuration, the app allows you to alter the beats per minute, the time signature and the sound pack. You should know that you can add or subtract the BPM by 1 by accessing the dedicated buttons. Once you find a rhythm and tempo that works well for the track you are playing, you can save it as a preset, so you can access it later on for other musical projects.

On a side note, the utility could use some documentation that can provide further information about the role of each of the dedicated parameter. In other words, without a help section, the app may not be attractive for first-time users.

More often than not, practicing with a metronome tool enables you to listen more carefully and pay attention to more than just yourself. Therefore, if you want to improve your timing and develop your musical awareness, then perhaps SmartMetronome can lend you a hand.