SmartOutline is a comprehensive application designed to offer simple means to create and manage calendar events, checklists, drawings, link libraries and tabbed notes.

It's wrapped in a well-organized and accessible layout divided into a tree view and the working area, which changes depending on the selected category. It's recommended to have .NET Framework installed on the drive to work properly. You may have to launch it in compatibility mode on newer Windows, since the tool hasn't been updated for a long time.

To enter a new outline, all you have to do is to select the desired category from the menu and give it a name. Among options, you can find calendar meetings, assignments, checklists, tabbed nodes or web stickies. The first node (the starting page) can't be renamed. You can make distinct directories to sort your information much easier.

The app lets you protect a specific record and its children by inputting a unique password, which is required when accessing it again. Plus, each tree element can be locked from accidentally being deleted or edited. The project can be exported as a Microsoft Access, Word and Excel, HTML, Text, CVS and PDF file.

If you want to schedule a calendar meeting or important event, an editing pad is brought up, where you can write your content and personalize it with custom font types, colors and sizes. What's more, you have the option to insert bullet and numbering lists.

Furthermore, the event needs a subject name, category, starting and ending time. You can also choose a unique icon from the default gallery. It's possible to make a painting by using lines, shapes or type in text, as well as to change the tints, and the border's width and style. The design can be saved as OUT, JPG or BMP image format.

Taking everything into account, Smart Outline is a reliable program which comes in handy when you want to plan calendar events, create HTML and password forms, make drawings, set up link libraries and enter tabbed notes. All the information can be protected from prying eyes with a password.