Malicious applications are not the only threats to your computer. Removing programs often leaves files that are no longer of any use or invalid registries. SmartPCFix is a lightweight and powerful software utility meant to scan your computer for errors and attempt to fix them in order to boost your machine's performance.

The overall design of the application is kept close to a minimum to ensure your computer gets cleaned as fast as possible. As soon as the main window is brought up you gain access to various categories to select for the scan process, amongst which you find registry, privacy or trace cleaner.

Browsing through the application's settings menu, you inevitably come across the “Automatic Clean” feature. It gives you the possibility to schedule when your computer is scanned for issues and can be set at startup, when the system is idle so it does not keep you from work, or at a specified time period.

Another useful feature of the application is the possibility to add exceptions to either of the categories. You can set a keyword to exclude from search, files or folders, as well as memory processes, to speed up scanning and cleaning your computer.

Additionally, you are given access to a function that lets you create restore points in case certain important files were accidentally removed while trying to fix your machine.

To sum it up, SmartPCFix is a handy utility to keep on your hard disk drive. It does not take up much space nor does it crave for system resources. The scan process is done in the blink of an eye and before you notice, you computer is safe and sound.