SmartPlugin Engine is a software utility that allows you to create modular applications. Instead of having a single and huge executable, with SmartPlugin you can split your applications functionality into modules (plugins), making it much better organized, very easy to maintain, and far less resource-consuming (they are used on-demand).

Here are some key features of "SmartPlugin Engine":

■ Supports Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,TurboDelphi.

■ Custom exceptions and error numbers/messages.

■ Parameterized commands with property editor.

■ Design menus the way you want - automatically merged.

■ Wizard creates sources full of remarks.

■ Developer info like Windows/Delphi version used.

■ Plan security, allowing only authorized plugins to load.

■ Web-based community support (even for unregistered users).

■ Sample projects with sources