SmartScore X2 Guitar Edition is a comprehensive application that can recognize sheet music from scanned or imported documents, then reconstruct it in a digital format, allowing you to play and edit it.

It was created with classical guitarists in mind, can recognize multiple voices and allows you to assign Garritan sounds from a vast built-in library. However, while the application is packed with useful functions, its interface is rather cluttered, as well as slightly outdated.

SmartScore X2 Guitar Edition enables you to scan multiple pages of guitar sheet music or import content from ENF, MIDI, TIFF, PDF, BMP or XML files.

Once you have loaded the desired score sheet, you can have the application recognize its content. You can select which items should be included, such as lyrics, chord symbols, tuplets, pedals, bowings and various other objects.

The application includes a large library of Garritan pop, jazz and orchestral instrumental sounds. These are designed to reproduce various types of musical instruments and can be used to interpret and play the scanned score.

You can modify multiple playback settings, such as tempo and velocity, as well as add an automatic drum track.

SmartScore X2 Guitar Edition enables you to transpose the entire score, a specific part or voice, as well as content between certain measures.

Additionally, it is possible to alter the position of numerous symbols on the page, add special features and modify page layout.

You can export the scanned sheet music to various formats, print it or even record an audio CD using Garritan sounds.

All in all, SmartScore X2 Guitar Edition is a complex application that caters to music lovers, especially guitarists and other soloists. It can scan, recognize and play sheet music, but features a cumbersome interface that may take some getting used to.