The music industry is a highly dynamic environment that relies on much more than singular talent to provide its audience with great songs. Musical scores are at the heart of all great melodies and, as such the digital revolution has created a wealth of tools to assist artists in bringing their projects to life. SmartScore X2 Piano Edition is one such comprehensive suite, allowing users to transcribe score sheets from various digital source documents.

With several years of continued development, the program provides artists and songwriters with a powerful method of quickly transcribing quality score sheets from source documents in ENF, MID, TIF, BMP, NIF, and even XML formats. The application provides adequate automated recognition of most characters, but users are free to customize the final products by manually inserting musical elements.

More exactly, one can add notes from the entire musical spectrum, clefts, and other symbols, such as legato, staccato, and arpeggio signs. All these elements are inserted in a highly intuitive manner and a playback module allows users to constantly check their work.

One of the notable features of this transcriber is the ability to integrate with the local scanner, effectively creating musical sheets as items are scanned.

Once satisfied with their projects, users are free to export them to a wide variety of media, including local MIDIs or XMLs, as well as audio CDs. Printing commands can be issued from within the transposer and one can employ the document previewer to correct any issues.

In conclusion, SmartScore X2 Piano Edition is a powerful tool for anyone involved in the music business. It allows one to create quality musical sheets from otherwise simple documents and users can also adjust basic musical parameters such as the pitch or the beam angles.