SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition is a complex application that allows you to scan sheet music from printed documents, import it, then play the recognized songs, transpose the entire score or specific parts, reformat, resize, print and export content.

It offers a wide array of functions and enables you to create karaoke sessions, but features a rather cluttered interface that some users may have difficulty getting accustomed to.

SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition can acquire content in multiple ways. You can import songs directly from installed scanners or load sheet music from ENF, MID, TIFF, PDF, BMP, NIF or XML files.

The application can then begin the recognition process to convert the scanned music to a digital format. You can choose which dictionary should be used to read text content and include or exclude chord symbols, lyrics, tuplets, pedals, bowings and other items.

SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition includes a vast library of Garritan jazz, pop and instrumental sounds, allowing you to reproduce the music from the imported song sheet.

Additionally, this program can function as a karaoke player, enabling you to sing along with your friends and customize text font, color and various other settings.

It is possible to modify the recognized content in multiple ways, then export it as PDF, WAV, MIDI or XML files. Additionally, you can burn the tracks directly to an audio CD or print the scanned music sheet.

You can transpose certain sections of the song or the entire score, convert notation to TAB, edit chord configurations and much more.

To conclude, SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition is an application aimed at music lovers, designed to help you scan, play, edit and record music from printed song sheets. It offers numerous advanced functions, but features a rather cluttered interface that may take some getting used to.