SmartSerialMail Enterprise is a complex and efficient piece of software created to provide you with the means of dispatching large amounts of emails to numerous recipients, suitable particularly for company promotion campaigns, newsletters or other similar operations.

The application features a fairly simple and user-friendly interface, similar to the Microsoft Office appearance, making it easy to handle regardless of your level of prior practice with such tools.

The step-by-step method of functioning allows you to quickly input sender details, recipients’ addresses, the contents you wish to disperse, then dispatch all emails with a button press.

For starters, you will need to build your profile, including ‘Sending Options’ (the sender’s information, processing type and corresponding limitations or delays, outgoing server options), ‘Returns Options’ (incoming server details, subscription collections and cancellations), ‘Web Options’ (FTP connection data).

The next step consists of adding the recipients, which can either be entered manually or imported from a CSV, Excel or database file, as well as from your Outlook contacts list. The ‘Content’ section enables you to create the actual email, including the subject and category, the type (HTML or Plain Text), and even add attachments.

You can build your message using the ‘Designer’ component, along with all the available ‘Table Tools’ or the ‘Source Code’ feature. After saving the message, you can preview it and make sure it corresponds to what you had envisioned, then ‘Start Sending Mail’.

Moreover, SmartSerialMail Enterprise allows you to deal with returns, specifically ‘Bounced Mail’, ‘Subscriptions’ and ‘Cancellations’, letting you decide how to proceed with these messages, either by leaving them on the server, deleting them or forwarding them, depending on the situation at hand.

To conclude, SmartSerialMail Enterprise is an advanced and reliable batch emailing utility that can successfully assist you in sending countless electronic messages to a large list of contacts, with little to no effort for you.