At one point or another, you need to make a business card or better yet, a wedding invitation. If you like the DIY approach but in a digital way, you can try SmartsysSoft Business Publisher, an application that allows you to design a wide range of printable material which you can use on any occasion.

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher is that kind of software that seems to be ‘one size fits all’ in the sense that it doesn’t really matter how old or how experienced you are with design tools, you’ll still be able to get the most out of it.

Apart from an intuitive interface which has most of its elements borrowed from Microsoft Office’s ribbon toolbars, to which you might already be accustomed to, SmartsysSoft Business Publisher also provides a very simple and practical manner in which you add and manipulate graphical elements that make up a design.

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher enables you to create any of the above mentioned materials but if the large number of existing design templates don’t do it for you, you are free to create your own starting from one of them.

It’s easy to load a design, replace objects with others from a rich library or even import them from your hard drive. The application runs smooth and can handle vector objects which in the design world, is a big advantage.

With this tool you are able to create mockups for labels, advertisements, certificates, flyers, badges, catalogs, invitations, passes, announcements, brochures, menus, newsletters and almost anything else you can print.

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher’s flexibility in what you can create and how you can create it certainly is a plus and if you’re not looking to design really complex pieces of work, it can surely help you out. Just give it a try.