Special occasions require special attention to details. SartsysSoft Greeting Card Designer gives you the possibility to create your own unique gift to print on a sheet of paper. Either choose a template or create your own from scratch, the process is simple and the result satisfying.

Perhaps one of the main advantages is the familiar user interface. Once the main window is brought up you get the impression that you already know where buttons are placed and what they do. This makes for a quick adaptation so you don't waste any time learning to use it. The theme cannot be changed, but there are four color schemes to choose from so that it blends in with your desktop.

If time is not a friend, there are various templates at your disposal from the moment you run the application. You still get caught in the magic though, because it is impossible not to get lost in the vast library of content you can add and modify.

Nearly any shape you can imagine is included there, and if not, you are free to draw it yourself. In addition, you can browse through a gallery of cliparts and pick one for a specific occasion, or even insert an image if you consider it more suitable.

When you are happy with the result, you can choose to materialize the gift card by printing it out on a sheet of paper, or even save it to the computer as an image file for later processing.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that SartsysSoft Greeting Card Designer is an easy and fun way to bring a smile on someone's face, either with a special occasion or simply because it's today. The user friendly interface and large variety of content make it an application worth your time.