SMOX Editor application is a software development environment that helps designers and teachers to generate SMIL and HTML+TIME and software developers to program in SMIL.

Here are some key features of "SMOX Editor":

· Synchronize your rich media content in real-time - leverage existing or new multimedia objects : audio, video, PowerPoint and flash files can be integrated with each other seamlessly . Easily re-use your existing documents to make them known, heard and watched by numerous targeted audience

· Choose SMIL and HTML+TIME - This languages are open formats, available to all potential customers, and fully optimized for multimedia content streaming. Do not impose proprietary plug-in to your customers, remain free!

· Quickly master the software - Designers and teachers do not need to be heavily trained. SMOX Editor's graphical interface has the familiar look-and-feel of all the most popular softwares on the market.

· Make your content available to all - all the widespread viewers are SMIL or HTML+TIME compatible: Real One, Quicktime, Internet Explorer, Ambulant, Grins, ...

· Use your audio and video content in their native formats - mpeg, avi, divx, mov, rm, rmvb, wmv, mp3, wav, ra, wma... are all supported by SMIL or HTML+TIME

· Tightly integrate front-office presentations with your back-office IT applications - because XML is an open format, you can integrate your rich media presentations with your back-office IT applications (Data bases, PHP, Java, .Net, ...)

· Save time and money - Thanks to SMOX Editor, you will now create your rich media content 5 times faster

· Have a better teamwork with your internal or external customers - SMOX Editor enables you to visualize your presentation just after having created it, allowing you to correct and enhance it immediately; therefore your customer can select the best presentation out of several choices. Your customer will highly appreciate to be involved at all stages of the creation process


· Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1


· 20-day trial