SMSCMD is a no-frills utility that makes it as straightforward as possible for you to send SMS directly through the Internet.

Before anything else, please note that this is a command line utility which means that you are required to run it from the Command Prompt.

Another noteworthy detail is the fact that it's powered by the service. Having said that, you'll also need to register a sms4email account which yield a number of 5 free sms to try.

Since it's a command line based app, it does not require installation, however, it does not boasts a typical UI either. Just download the package, unzip the archive, and run smscmd.exe from the command promp.

The app can be run in two modes, usage1 or usage2. For the first one, you have to enter the smscmd command followed by any given text, followed by the telephone number, email address and, lastly, the password, as the described in the following example from the app's readme.htm file: smscmd¬† "This is test SMS" "4471234567" "[email protected]" "abc123"

The second mode requires you to use the same command followed by the text and the phone number, as follows: smscmd "text" "phone1,phone2,phone3". It's also worth noting that after you register your email address and get the password, you need to modify the sms4mail.txt

For usage help simply type in the smscmd command, without any extra associated elements.