Many users rely on SmugMug, the popular image hosting website, for both sharing and selling their photos, but uploading large numbers of files can be rather difficult, unless you use a third-party application that can make this task simpler.

Smugmug Uploader is an easy-to-use program that fits the bill, as it can upload files from one or more folders automatically. It can even monitor these directories and send any new images or videos directly to your SmugMug account without requiring additional user input.

When launching the application for the first time, you will be required to log in with your Google or Facebook account, and then provide your SmugMug credentials. After granting the necessary permissions, you can move to the next step.

When backing up files with the help of Smugmug Uploader, you do not need to load the images or videos directly, but rather to select the folders they are located in. The application detects files saved to supported formats and processes them automatically.

Once you have selected all the directories that should be tracked, you can minimize the application to the system tray and do whatever you like while your files are uploaded.

If your images and videos are stored in multiple directories, the program creates galleries based on each folder’s name when uploading them to SmugMug.

When new files are added in the monitored locations, Smugmug Uploader detects and sends them to the cloud automatically, so it is safe to say that it may never be necessary to bring up the application window again after performing the initial configurations.

On the whole, Smugmug Uploader is a great utility for users who need to upload numerous videos or videos to SmugMug. It is very easy to configure, and it is even capable of monitoring certain folders on your hard drive and sending new files to the cloud automatically.