Snap Core First is an advanced AAC app (short for Augmentative and Alternative Communication), meaning it enables access to an engine that facilitates communication by replacing natural speech.

Being intuitive and solution-oriented, the app can be used by anyone — from amateurs to computer-savvy users. Its purpose is to ease learning, enhance communication, aid kids, toddlers, teachers, parents, and any other individuals who wish to learn/improve message delivery in other languages.

Moreover, the app’s usage is suitable for people with speaking difficulties or speech/pronunciation disabilities (such as autism, Down and Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, aphasia, intellectual disabilities). Additionally, its usage can also be extended to the academical field as it has advanced features, perfectly suited for students, also.

First, select a standard grid or customize it based on the number of cards you want to be displayed on the main screen. Navigate through the left-side menu and see the standard cards that offer — core words for expressing basic ideas plus visual cues, ‘quick fires,’ a category referring to topics that address real-life, recurrent topics, with high usage: questions, phrases, personal needs, feelings, social situations use cases, etc.

Secondly, start exploring custom options: large keyboard on the screen to customize your messages; cards, word lists, page sets modifications; advanced user settings for adapting and customizing the system voice: select the desired language, the desired tone (male/female, adult/child), the speaking pace, existing pronunciation exceptions, and fine-tune the app’s overall look and feel by setting colors, system preferences, access methods, etc.

Using visuals, clear instructions, and diversified speaking characters available in more than 14 fully-supported languages (excluding dialectal versions such as American English, British English, Canadian English), alongside complex customization and advanced features, Snap Core First manages to stand out as a fully integrated solution with a great intuitive design and an amazing symbol-based app.

The software is easy to use and can be integrated and synchronized with many other devices such as Google Home (Mini) Speaker, Alexa from Amazon, or any Apple Siri-enabled device. You have the option to save a page set up on a device and later restore it, share a message window via AccessIT (a Bluetooth device), copy it to the button, or copy to clipboard the generated message.

Look no further as Snap Core First is a complete solution! Not only it addresses a plethora of real-life situations and solves actual problems, but the app’s overall user interface and navigation system are also easy to go through and fun to explore.