Snap 'n Share is a clear-cut software application that enables you to take snapshots of rectangular regions on the screen and save them as image files with the JPG or PNG format. It also features a sharing function.

Installing this tool is a speedy and uncomplicated job, thanks to the fact that the wizard contains only familiar options. Snap 'n Share is packed in a simple interface made from a small window with a straightforward layout, which includes a preview pane for the currently captured shot.

You can grab an image by clicking a button or triggering the corresponding hotkey, and by drawing a rectangular area of the exact snap you want to save. In the following step, the application asks you to indicate a destination file type, name and format.

As previously mentioned, the utility's equipped with a sharing feature. This means that you can upload screenshots to the developer's website, after which you immediately receive the direct URL, normal URL, and BBCode. Any of these three links can be copied to the Clipboard with the click of a button.

Snap 'n Share also lets you define a delay time before capturing an image, which ranges from 1 to 5 seconds. Plus, you can copy the screenshot to the Clipboard or clear the main window to grab a new screen. There are no other notable options available here.

The software utility worked smoothly in our testing, thanks to the fact that it didn't freeze, crash or display error messages. Its impact on the overall performance of the machine was barely noticeable, since it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly.

On the other hand, it lacks any advanced features, such as multiple capturing modes (e.g. full screen, active window), scheduled snapshots, or basic graphic editing, especially when taking into account that it's not freeware. No recent updated have been made to Snap 'n Share.