How many times have you tried using the built-in Windows split screen feature and decided to abort the mission? If this is also your case, SnapIt is the perfect replacement tool for this particular situation. Not only does it manage desktop space splitting better, but it even allows the user to take part in the customization of their own screen.

The application itself is robust and well built. The menu is accessible and easy to use. Limitations, in this case, are few, which means that navigating through this application is simple, easy and intuitive.

There is no sense of crowdedness, quite the opposite. Everything is airy and easy to access. This, in turn, spells productiveness. SnapIt is, by all means, a productive tool, something that helps make your daily work move forward, and faster.

Screen splitting is exactly what it should be. Not only did the developer give a free hand to the user, when it comes to creating a layout, but he also, intuitively, included preset layouts for those who do not want to waste time personalizing their experience.

As far as personal customization goes, one can create as many layouts as they need. There are no restrictions here, which is why this app gives one the feeling of limitlessness when talking about possibilities and options of screen splitting.

The plethora of smaller features are also worth noting. It's no secret that an app with more options is a better fit for most users. As a result, SnapIt fits snugly in this category.

This app also includes the possibility of splitting multiple monitor setups and a simple, yet effective day/night theme for those with more sensitive eyes.

No matter how you look at things, SnapIt is one of those simple yet effective apps, a program which can make your life much more bearable, especially when dealing with huge workloads in front of a computer.