SnipeRight is an auction bidding and management application that places bids on auctions seconds before the auction ends such that your competitors don't have a chance to bid against you.

This saves you money by not pushing up the price of the item. SnipeRight will only bid the absolute minimum required to win your auction, up to the Maximum bid you specify.

Here are some key features of "SnipeRight Professional":

■ SnipeRight features a simple, familiar design with a built-in Microsoft Explorer web browser to make it easy to search eBay and explore the auctions you are sniping. You can use a Favorites menu to bookmark auctions. Right-click allows you to schedule a snipe, edit a snipe or perform standard browser functions.

■ SnipeRight enables you to report and manage your auctions, compare the maximum bid with the close price, group by seller (great when you have won several items from one person.) You can track which auctions you have paid for and which auctions you have received. And you can have SnipeRight automatically leave feedback for your completed auctions.

■ With SnipeRight bid grouping you can link a number of snipes together. When any of the auctions in the group is won, the other snipes are automatically cancelled.

■ With other sniping programs, you need to keep your computer turned on and able to connect to the internet constantly. SnipeRight spawns intelligent agents on our servers to do your bidding for you, regardless of whether you have your PC turned on or not. This also means that SnipeRight is reliable. You can disconnect from the Net, or turn your PC off at night in the knowledge that SnipeRight will do your bidding for you 24/7.

■ Because SnipeRight uses our high-performance servers to place bids, it has very accurate timers. The timing of your bids is accurate to within milliseconds. This timing enables you to beat other bidders and even foil other sniping programs.

■ SnipeRight has auto-upgrade functionality that will prompt you when there is a software update available.

■ Even though sniping is legal, it can provoke hostility from the seller or other bidders. SnipeRight has a "friendly" mode that you can set, which simulates normal bidding activity on auctions. If the seller or other bidders look into the history after you've won the auction, they'll see you've placed occasional bids throughout the auction. These friendly bids are designed not to push up the price of the auction significantly (they always stay within a percentage that you can set in the options page.)

■ You can report on your sniping from anywhere on the Net, provided you have a licensed copy of SnipeRight. This service is free of charge and availalable to all registered users.

■ SnipeRight Gold version contains a Score Card system. This system exhaustively analyses an eBay user's standing to assess the risk of doing business with this person. It examines their feedback profile and the profiles of those who left feedback for them. It weights the feedback by the score of the contributing users. It also takes into account time on eBay, identity changes, retracted bids, average transaction size, frequency of use and it searches their details on the SnipeRight blacklist.

■ SnipeRight Gold has a comprehensive developer SDK that enables Sniping Agents to be custom developed: Interface Agents can allow your in-house software to interface to SnipeRight to perform automated bidding. Seeker Agents hunt out auctions that meet your complex criteria. They can then schedule qualifying auctions to be sniped up to a pre-allocated budget. Agents can utilise the SnipeRight Score Card to qualify sellers feedback and standing on eBay. They are also sensitive to any aspect of the auction, including payment methods and shipping location.

■ SnipeRight is secure. It uses high grade encryption and authentication to protect the data it interchanges. As an added security measure, every time you log in to SnipeRight, it also checks your signin with eBay to ensure that nobody else can access your account.


■ Limited to 20 days.