It's getting increasingly hard to keep tabs on all the important information you come across on the internet. In such situations, it's really not a bad idea to employ the help of an extension such as Snippet. Browsing on Chrome will be much more relevant when looking to save information from more sources, as you'll be able to save important pieces of texts or photos in a clipboard-like environment, all from within the browser, and way faster than you can say Snippet.

These are just two of the words individuals making use of this extension might have on their lips as they are constantly saving important information for later use. Now, it's worth mentioning that you only get part of the experience without paying. The free plan will allow users to save snippets, and that's about it. While this still retains important functionality and could very well be used as such, the added feature does sweeten the taste of Snippet. Saving simple snippets will lead to further organization criteria, based on colors.

Among the extra features is the ability to save pictures right from the articles or pages you're reading. Fancy a screenshot, then simply click the specific icon in the extension menu and select the area within the browser you'd like to immortalize. These features come in handy in various situations and are well worth paying for. Still, if you're only interested in saving text and organizing it by using the provided colors, then these extra features won't be of much use to you.

Once you're done with snipping, you'll find all your saved information, files and data stored on the main website service to which you have to resort both when firstly employing the help of this add-on, for creating an account, and secondly when coming back to further sort or simply check your saved text. The extension does not hinder normal browser use and can be hidden when not needed. For those interested in saving important information they come across, Snippet is as good of a solution as any other.