When you need to quickly show your co-worker the website you are currently designing or the HTML project you are working in Google Chrome, you can try Snippyly.

Following an uneventful installation, you need to pin Snippyly to the browser to have it always within reach. This way, whenever you need to quickly take a snapshot you only need to press its dedicated icon. Alternatively, you can access the right-click menu and take a snapshot with a 3-second delay.

Once this happens, you get access to its own toolbar with a plethora of options for enhancing the captured graphic.

Snippyly can help you crop a certain area by simply clicking and dragging the mouse cursor to define the region you are interested in.

Moreover, you can draw rectangles, arrows and text boxes without too much effort on your side. You can even insert comments regarding the paragraphs or articles that stir your interest.

Another way to draw attention to selected areas of the snapshot is to blur out the other uninteresting parts so they are no longer distracting to the viewers. This way, the appealing ones become more visible and are easily noticeable.

When you are satisfied with the way your snapshot turned up, you can move on to the last step, that of generating a link that you can then share with your colleagues. You can choose between creating a view-only link or an edit one, according to your preferences - it is instantly copied to the clipboard and you can paste it wherever you see fit.

To wrap it up, Snippyly is a highly useful Chrome extension that can meet the needs of all those who want to quickly capture the full page of the website they are currently visiting, edit it, then share it without needing to switch apps in the process.