Adding effects to pictures is a common thing to do before uploading them to social networks or other locations. However, you need some specialized applications and a great deal of skill so you don’t do more damage. In this regard, Snow Daze comes with a set of tools to bring a cool, winter effect to any photo you provide.

The application’s visual design is pretty neat and makes sure you don’t have a hard time accommodating with the set of features. Most of the space is the interactive preview area, with a helpful button you can keep pressed to see the original picture to view differences and what adjustments need to be applied.

To make things even easier, there’s a set of already configured controls you can directly apply over your pictures. However, after making changes yourself, you can add custom presets to the existing list, for a larger variety of options later on. Changes can easily be undone at the press of a button in case something goes wrong.

For quick retouch of pictures, you can hit the randomize button to let the application pick a set of values. On the other hand, you can take the time to manually adjust sliders for image color, whiten scene, adjusting contrast, snow strength, snow fade, and cloud strength. Moreover, snow and cloud options come with several preset styles.

The application keeps things simple and to the point. In other words, there aren’t any general color management options, but some technical settings let you rotate, and chop off unwanted sections. Fine-tuning is possible with the help of a brush that gradually removes effect, and there’s also a similar one, but adds over removed areas rather than extracting.

Bottom line is that photo editing has advanced to the point in which it can also be done fast with online services. If you prefer to work on your desktop, then Snow Daze is sure to make it worth your while, letting you apply quick effects, or take the time to configure strength and intensities of each value.