The football World Cup is a special event that takes place every four years and pits the best international soccer teams in the world against each other, to compete for the ultimate trophy.

Football fans everywhere join the frenzy and search for all kind of things to bring the atmosphere into their homes and even on their computers.

Soccer Kick Free is a screensaver application that aims to keep you connected to the soccer world even when you are on the computer, by decorating your desktop with a sleek animation depicting a free kick executed by a pair of magical shoes.

The quality of the animation is pretty close to the real thing, with smooth and fluid movements. The quality of the textures used is high enough to allow full HD resolutions without any noticeable stretching or pixelation, while the background is a nice gradient that remains smooth even after a few zoom levels.

After the free kick animation, Soccer Kick Free displays a digital clock, as well as the current month and day of the year. Next to this information, you can view a soccer ball animation that endlessly rotates until you exit the screensaver.

Soccer fans should greatly appreciate the date and clock function, since it helps them keep track of time and never miss out on any important match. It is linked on your system clock, so you can directly adjust it by modifying your system settings.

Thanks to the high resolution textures and smooth animations, Soccer Kick Free is a good screensaver choice for any football enthusiast out there that wants to keep his desktop screen in tune with his passion.