With a simple web browser installed on your computer, you are able to access a wide variety of media, news, as well as social networks. These are also a method for businesses to flourish through campaigns and quick spread of events. Either for this purpose or those who simply can't get enough chatter, Social for Facebook brings one of the most popular networks to your desktop.

Needless to say that you need a Facebook account in order to fully enjoy what the application has to offer. In fact, you can even own multiple accounts, because you can stay connected on all of them, without running more instances of the application.

The clever tab support stores all accounts, and makes them accessible at the press of a button. What's more, accessing the options menu reveals the possibility to set custom hotkeys for each account. Whether or not the application's window is active, pressing the corresponding key combination automatically brings up the specific account.

The application comes equipped with little visual elements in order to provide more navigation space. This comes in handy because the window can be resized and placed anywhere on your desktop. It's a pity that the application cannot be sent to the system tray so you need to save some space on your taskbar.

However, bringing the application to the system tray would not have been that useful, since notifications are only default Facebook sounds. to see balloon or other types of notification methods.

On the other hand, the application is rather nifty, with the possibility to make it run at startup and automatically connect to all accounts for which you provided credentials.

All in all, whether you're using Facebook for business purposes or are simply in an argument with other house members regarding who to stay connected, Social for Facebook is a solid recommendation. It could benefit greatly from a few more features, such as a better notifications system, but overall it manages to live up to expectations.