The chances are most users have a couple of social media accounts they actively keep an eye on, which, needless to say, eats up quite a lot of time, but this is where a software solution such as Socialize Up for Windows 10 comes into play.

The program is capable of bringing together all your favorite social media platforms in order to make them much more easily accessible and reduce the time you spend switching from one another.

Being a Store app addressed at Windows 10 computer users, Socialize Up sports an approachable GUI that should give you no headaches, regardless of your tech skills.

First and foremost, you need to select the social media platforms you want to access in your daily routine, with the possibility of disabling those you find no merit for. Besides, you can indicate the start-up page as well as specify the behavior that suits your needs as far as external links are concerned.

You should know that support for a multitude of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Reddit, Instagram, and Google+ is offered, so most of your communication needs should be covered.

You simply need to log into your accounts, then start browsing your feeds just as under normal circumstances. Still, there are some goodies that enhance the regular social media experience, and one of them is the dark theme you can resort to in order to prevent eyestrain.

In addition to that, you can enable a split-mode view if you want to be prompted with the latest news from two social media platforms at the same time. This is actually an aspect lots of users will appreciate, with the adaptive GUI letting them easily interact with the app.

On an ending note, Socialize Up for Windows 10 is a user-friendly Store app whose purpose is to organize your favorite social media platforms into a single place. Highlights such as the dark theme, split-view mode, and support for custom and Windows Hello stand as proof that the program’s user interface is straightforward and keeps up with the times, being a handy companion for anyone who wants to easily get in touch with friends.