Over the past twenty years, technology and the Internet have had probably the biggest impact on our lives so far, and has rapidly and drastically changed almost everything - the way we get about, the way we travel, the way we communicate and share information and, not surprising at all, the way we work and even our work environments.

This said, more and more of us work online, from the comforts of our homes or great distances from the actual company headquarters which, as remarkable as it may sound, does not come without its set of nerve-wracking challenges, especially without specialized tools designed to enhance collaboration and communication.

Sococo, is an extremely well thought-out social communication application that aims to break the boundaries and most of the problems found with geographically dispersed teams and remote employees by offering an intuitive way to exchange relevant information.

Since almost all team collaboration tools tend to do the same, Sococo raises the bar by aiming to recreate the intimate proximity and the classic functionality of a physical office in a streamlined online environment.

You can start taking advantage of everything this utility has to offer in mere seconds. Simply launch the app's installer that takes care of everything without any user input and, once it automatically starts, log in using your official Sococo credentials.

Upon first laying your eyes upon the app's main window, you might be tempted to think that this is actually a virtual reality or life simulation games such as the likes of Sims if it weren't for the adjacent toolbars.

On the top part of the main window, you can easily locate a set of quick controls for turning the room audio, microphone and webcam on or off. Additionally, you get a quick way to access the screen sharing options, the Bandwidth Settings section and the audio/video settings also.

You should be able to effortlessly get to know your way around the virtual team space. You can knock on office doors, open or close them, see where and what other team members are doing and enter conference rooms and common areas.

To be as productive as possible, the app enables you to instantly connect and engage with other team members via comprehensive chat, audio and video tools.

Since the app is cross-platform, your team members don't necessarily have to run the same operating system. Official client-apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are currently offered, with not-so-distant plans for iOS and Android support.

Last but not least, you should also be aware of the fact that Sococo provides you with the possibility of connecting your work spaces with your the work environment provided by one of the most popular team collaboration service to date, Slack.

To conclude, Sococo is a comprehensive communication and team collaboration piece of software that provides remote or distributed teams with intuitive voice, video and chat tools within a streamlined online environment that offers visual feedback without any drawbacks and without ever feeling clunky or unobtrusive.