Soft4Boost Audio Mixer is an intuitive and easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose is to offer you the means of creating your own music out of existing tracks and samples, using various loops and effects.

The graphical user interface of the application may look slightly cluttered at first, but once you begin working with it, you will quickly comprehend its main functions and features.

The working window displays a visualization of your project in its multiple bits and segments, while on the left-side, you can browse through the ‘Files Collection’ or try out the provided ‘Audio Effects’.

Soft4Boost Audio Mixer allows you to start a new project by entering a name and a storage location, after which you can import an existing track from your PC, in an existing library or a new one. To place the file in the working window, you simply need to drag and drop it, then you can listen to it thanks to the provided player and decide how to proceed.

The sample collection includes multiple categories of sounds, for instance ‘Alternative’, ‘Bass’, ‘Cool’, ‘Creative’ or ‘Loops’, each comprising numerous samples and tracks which you can drag over your song and adjust in terms of length.

From the ‘Audio Effects’ section, you can amplify, phase, delay or normalize the music file. You can also insert ‘Low Pass’, ‘High Pass’, ‘Pitch Shift’, ‘Chorus’, ‘Flanger’, ‘Reverb’ or ‘Notch Filter’, depending on what you wish to obtain. Once complete, you can save the project to MIX format.

To summarize, Soft4Boost Audio Mixer is an interesting and user-friendly program, that aims to assist you in track mixing operations, enabling you to create and customize your music with little effort entailed.