Soft4Boost Slideshow Studio is a user-friendly and easy to handle software solution whose main purpose resides in offering you the ability to create complex picture presentations, which you can then burn to DVDs and share with friends and family.

The program displays an accessible and intuitive appearance, its straightforward functions making it approachable even to less experienced individuals.

The main window of Soft4Boost Slideshow Studio lets you browse through your system, to the folder where you store the files you intend to use, while in its lower section, you can drag and drop the precise images you will be working with.

To get things started, you will need to locate the directory where you store the source photos, selecting the ones you want to use. These can be rotated left or right, as well as individually edited in terms of display duration, transition time, position, zoom, brightness, contrast and others.

From the ‘Transitions’ tab, you can select the effects to be used when moving from one item to the next, with a wide array of options to pick from. The ‘Background Music’ section enables you to use your own songs for the slideshow, while the ‘Album Style’ tab helps you choose a frame for your images.

Moreover, Soft4Boost Slideshow Studio can assist you in creating a DVD menu for the presentation, with several themed templates to choose from. In a dedicated media player, you can preview the results as they happen, being able to make a change right away, if something does not agree with you.

Before building the DVD, you can opt for a specific ‘System' (NTSC or PAL), a ‘Quality’ type, then alter the video and audio settings to suit your particular needs. Finally, you can pick a ‘Single’ or ‘Double Layer' DVD, and press the corresponding button to commence the process.

In summary, Soft4Boost Slideshow Studio proves to be a useful and very simple to understand application that can successfully assist you in creating picture DVDs for your loved ones, complete with music and effects.