Softany CHM to DOC converter is an application that provides users with the option to convert any of their CHM files to Word documents with only a few mouse clicks.

The software has been designed with an intuitive interface, enabling users to access its various functions directly from its main window. To get started with the program, one needs to browse the computer for files to convert, apply conversion options, and then initiate the process.

Because the tool offers fast access to its functions, users of all types can take advantage of its capabilities successfully.

Before starting the conversion process, users can set specific options for the output Word documents, to ensure that they can deliver the expected experience. Thus, users can set the desired page size for the new document, as well as its layout.

With this application, users can modify various elements of the document, including the cover, header, and footer, and can also change its table of contents. What's more, the software includes support for adding title number and hints after hyperlinks.

Softany CHM to DOC converter does not include advanced conversion capabilities, such as the option to automatically change the color of text or background in the output documents or to add watermarks to them. Moreover, users can not encrypt the resulting files to increase their security.

The software is fast and can convert small documents in a matter of seconds. Users don't need to go through complicated menus to set up the conversion process, and the tool can prove an efficient tool to many.

All in all, Softany CHM to DOC converter is an easy-to-use, snappy piece of software that provides users with the possibility to transform their CHM files into Word documents with only a few mouse clicks. Although it lacks advanced conversion options, the tool features a simple, intuitive interface.