Txt2Htm2Chm is an up-to-date Generator that produces Html help(CHM) files, Website Help systems, E-books with a TOC, Normal e-books, FAQ Pages and Single Html files(can be converted to Word documents by Microsoft Word and PDF files by third-party softwares) only with Text File(s).

You don't need to learn how to use complicated Windows Html Help tools and Web Page Creators.

Softany Txt2Htm2Chm is not only a Text to HTML, Text to CHM tool, but also a Text to Web, Text to Ebook, Text to Faq and Text to SingleHTML tool.

Here are some key features of "Softany TxtHtmChm":

■ Convert text files to Windows HTML Help Project and compile the project to CHM file.

■ Convert text files to web help.

■ Convert text files to HTML ebook and contain them in a CHM file if you want.

■ Convert text files to FAQ page and contain them in a CHM file if you want.

■ Convert text files to a single HTML file that has a good document structure.

■ One text source various HTML output formats.

■ Template-based output engine. You do not need to consider HTML production.

■ Supply up to 49 templates to satisfy your most needs.

■ Powerful template system. Support complex templates containing images, css sheet, flash files, etc.

■ Visual CHM Designer. The easiest way to design CHM style.

■ multi-mode reading of text files.

■ Powerful Text Analysis engine. Automatically add formats to common document elements.

■ Extension Tags. Easy to implement complex effects.