SoftCab Whois is a piece of software designed to help users to easily view whois information on various websites, as well as to keep their own domains organized.

The application comes with a very simple interface, designed to provide users with fast access to the various set of features it has to offer.

With the help of this tool, users can add various domains to the database, while also able to view and manage them easily from the “My Domains” tab.

For each of the included domains, users can include a wide range of details, such as registration name, link, or domain hosting info. This makes it easy for users who need to manage a wide range of domains to keep track of them and of the information they have associated with each of them.

The program has been designed to provide users with the possibility to find whois details on various websites, all directly from its main window.

For each of domain, the tool can perform various operations, including DNS Query, Ping, pathping, and others. Moreover, the app allows users to flag domains as being their own, where is the case.

With the help of this software, users can make short notes for each domain, while also being able to save various passwords for each of their domains, for easier management.

During our testing, the software performed quite fast when it came to adding a new domain to the list, though it needed some time in order to retrieve whois information on domains or to performing other operations.

All in all, SoftCab Whois is an intuitive, easy-to-use program that provides users with the possibility to easily manage multiple domains and to find info on websites they are interested in. Although it might run into issues when it comes to retrieving info from the Internet, the tool performs management operations quite fast.