Losing all your critical files can prove to be a major problem, especially if you have no backup for them. When it comes to files stored on memory cards or flash drives, there are certain software solutions that can help you restore data, one of them being SoftOrbits Flash Drive Recovery (formerly SoftOrbits Flash Card Recovery).

The application allows you to recover lost, formatted or deleted data from your flash drives, even if they are damaged or corrupted.

The program provides you with a convenient way of restoring lost files during the formatting of memory cards or flash drives. Furthermore, you can recover data from corrupted or damaged USB drives, thus saving yourself from a lot of trouble.

In addition, you can preview the content of each file before recovering it, so that you have a precise idea on what files you want to restore and which can stay deleted.

The application specializes in recovering information from formatted, damaged or corrupted memory cards and flash drives. This confers it flexibility as you can restore deleted photos from formatted camera flash drives, as an example.

Aside from this, you can process each memory cards or flash drive separately, then save the recovered to a preferred folder. This way, you can separately save some files and not mix them with other previously recovered ones that might share the same name with those that you recently restored.

To sum it up, SoftOrbits Flash Drive Recovery provides you with a convenient and efficient way of recovering files from formatted, damaged or corrupted memory cards and flash drives. You can preview each recovered file, then quickly save it to a target folder, without having to save all the data that has been restored.