Testing applications and games often requires a screenshot taken at the right moment. Working with your keyboard in this situation can be difficult, because files don't save automatically. Luckily, there are various utilities such as Solid Capture with the help of which you can capture multiple images at a time.

Your computer won't feel a thing from running the application, as the clever optimization only uses little of your system's resources. The amount of space taken on your hard disk drive is roughly around 5 Mb, so you don't have to worry about functionality.

The interface is visually appealing, with features clearly visible, emphasized by large buttons. It resembles a movie editing application, as you can select images and have them viewed in an integrated preview section, edited and even saved as PDF.

You can keep the application minimized to system tray, due to the implemented hotkey support. These can be fully customized to create easy access points for each of the available features.

Content of the whole screen can be captured and automatically saved to file. Additionally, the application lets you select only a specific window, drag your mouse around a desired area and even have a window resized to a custom resolution. Once you are done taking screenshots, you can have them saved to a PDF file or even sent via email.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Solid Capture is a handy solution to easily take a screenshot at the right moment. It lets you quickly accommodate due to the clever design, while the amount of system resources used make it even more practical.