If you're a music producer or a sound engineer, you surely understand how audio quality can mess up your work in various ways, even though your equipment is bleeding-edge technology.

Sometimes, a bit of tweaking is necessary in order to achieve that sweet spot, a sound without distortion or other unwanted modifications. Sonarworks Reference 3 Systemwide can help you in this situation.

Deploying this application to your computer can be done without significant efforts, as it doesn't require advanced PC operating skills to do it.

The only steps you must take are accepting the End User License Agreement and following the on-screen instructions provided by the installer since the rest of the process is carried out automatically. You don't even have to set a destination folder.

Once you launch it, you might be prompted to activate the software, which can be easily done by supplying the email address and code received during trial registration. If you didn't register for a trial code, you can do so on the app's homepage.

The interface is simple, yet not sketchy. The menus are smooth and navigating them is a breeze, as there is no hidden function, button, menu or pane whatsoever. You're provided with a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) layout.

As previously stated, Sonarworks Reference 3 Systemwide's purpose is to help you calibrate your sound system, so that there's as little distortion and other unwanted sound alterations as possible.

You can choose from various profiles in the upper part of the window, manually calibrate your system, simulate a different system and tweak advanced settings, such as selecting a filter type or set calibration limit controls.

All in all, if you need to tweak your audio system so that the output is as clean as possible, you might want to give Sonarworks Reference 3 Systemwide a try. It can be easily installed, features a simple, smooth interface, and it lets you fine-tweak a bunch of parameters, for your convenience.