Sondle Timer Shutdown Assist is a simple to use application that enables you to set computer shutdown timers. You can schedule your computer to shutdown at specified times on each day of the week.

You may schedule your computer to shut down at a specified time, in a certain number of hours and minutes from the current time, or in a particular amount of time since the system start up. This is the simple method, that requires little planning, simply mentioning a time and select which action you wish the software to perform.

You can force turn off your computer, shut it down safely, restart it or log off the current user. Once you have started the timer, you can hide the main window, as well as the icon from the system tray. The software continues to run in the background, however, hidden from sight and knowledge of unauthorized users.

The software enables you to set up a detailed schedule for the days to come. Thus, you can set five different timers for each day of the week. If you have to leave for school or work every day, you can set the software to automatically shutdown your computer when it’s time for you to leave, and start it up again when you come home.

You can let the software run in the background, or close it and cancel the schedule. You may set a combination of keys that, once pressed, prompts the start of Sondle Timer Shutdown Assist and the scheduled action. The schedule can be protected against unauthorized users, by setting a password at the start of the program.

The software can be a reliable virtual assistant, being capable of shutting your computer down or logging you off, at the specified times, in order to protect the privacy of your data and to save power at the same time. Sondle Timer Shutdown Assist enables you to set a detailed schedule of computer turn off, for each day of the week.