When it comes with audio files, the Internet is filled with all sort of applications that you could use in order to work on your files. One of them is Song Management System.

It's a neat suite that lets you create and edit multiple songs. It comprises of multiple programs, Song Editor, Song Viewer, Song Leader, Song Follower, Song Slave, Presenter Follower and Presenter.

The suite installs quickly and all programs sport really intuitive graphical interface with multiple features at hand in the toolbar. You can change the view for the data but it doesn't come with any tips or instructions to get you familiarized with the program.

It also lacks any customization features and a presentation of tools would have been needed.

The Song Editor allows you to create all sort of songs from scratch or import files and work on them. You can adjust the section type, including the verse, chorus, bridge, prechorus, tag, intro, ending and misc.

It supports some file formats, including song, xml, sng, txt and more. You can edit song information, adjust guitar chords and bass notes. You can transpose keys up or down and it allows you to make changes to all sort of song sections. The Song Viewer allows you to view songs in various ways and print the chord sheet.

It comes with the option to adjust song parameters and combine two songs into one. You can set the target for certain song sections, pick from women, men, children, leader, choir, adults, congregation or audience. When you're done working, you can save the song on your computer.

All in all, Song Management System is a very useful application for creating and editing songs in an intuitive way. It's especially designed for church groups, teams and bands.