Song Sheet is a practical and easy to use application that allows you to input lyrics into a text editor and assign musical notes to them, so you can reproduce the song.

Although it is easy to browse and access the functions of the application, its interface is composed of multiple detached windows that you can position any way you want.

Customization is always welcome, but you should be aware that small windows can sometimes be misplaced underneath larger ones.

The main window of Song Sheet can be resized as much as you wish, in order to have a great overview of the structure of the song.

Being that the program deals mostly with editing text strings, it comes along with a built-in editor that allows you to easily compose or modify the lyrics of your songs.

Once the lyrics are finished, you can add various tags to the text, so you can separate the intro from the verse, chorus, bridge, refrain and so on.

Additionally, and most-importantly, you can assign chord names to the verses by easily selecting them from a list and instantly adding them in the text editor.

Once the whole song is finished, you can check out the end result in the Preview tab, where you can also add a background image to the lyrics sheet.

Song Sheet being a program tailored for guitar players, you can find in the Chord Editor tab a representation of a guitar fret, where you can edit the chords as you wish.

You can even create customized chords, by naming them the way you want, and even adding them to an easy access list.

Although the interface may be a little simple and plain, Song Sheet is a useful and reliable application tailored for those who want to compose songs or want to learn playing the guitar.