Dropbox is one of the most popular solutions for all those who want to quickly share their files with other users or devices - those who want to enhance the functions of Dropbox with encryption features can turn to Sookasa.

As previously mentioned, in order to make use of all the benefits provided by Sookasa, you first need to make sure Dropbox is installed on your computer. If this requirement is not met, you will still be able to access the files that have been encrypted by other Sookasa users.

Once you have installed Dropbox and Sookasa on your PC, you will notice that a new folder is created within the Dropbox directory and this is where you need to move the files you want to encrypt before sharing them.

Sookasa also integrates with the context menu of Windows Explorer, meaning that you can simply right-click a file and choose to share it securely using this app.

Your default browser is automatically launched and a web-based dashboard offers you the possibility to paste or type the receiver’s email address. A nifty function of Sookasa is that it generates a link that can only be accessed by the specified recipient, thus increasing its security.

Moreover, you can set the link to expire within a few days, thus making sure your privacy is not affected.

If you want to share and encrypt more than a few Dropbox files using Sookasa, you can still rely on this application as it can also be used to share entire directories. You simply need to create a list with all the authorized users by typing their email addresses or importing the data from Gmail.

All in all, Sookasa can be of great help to all those who want to make sure the Dropbox files they share with their colleagues are safe and that they meet HIPAA and FERPA compliance levels.