Users store digital photographs in several folders on their computer, and most of them have a hard time sorting these files, due to their large number.

However, if you are running Windows 8.1, you can rely on Sort My Photos! to neatly organize your images without too much effort.

As previously mentioned, the application can only function on computers where Windows 8.1 is running, be it x86 or x64. This means that if your current OS is Windows 8 or older, you first need to upgrade to 8.1, and only afterwards can you install Sort My Photos!.

The app runs in full screen, making it easy even for those who use touchscreen-enabled devices to configure settings to their liking.

Sort My Photos! comes in handy when you want to quickly arrange all your pictures in ascending or descending order according to the date when the photos were taken. You also get to group the items in subfolders, by days.

The app can also examine the processed files and identify the duplicates - this way, you can remove them and save space on your hard drive. Alternatively, you can copy the dupes to another location, so you can thoroughly analyze them at a later time.

It needs to mentioned that Sort My Photos! supports only JPEG and RAW images, while also allowing you to read the metadata from each of your pics.

In other words, you can get information such as resolution, orientation, camera model and make, as well as EXIF and GPS tags.

All in all, Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 can prove helpful to all those who no longer want to waste time organizing the many pictures they took on their previous vacation. If you are pleased with the feature set of the app, you can purchase a license and enjoy its functions for an unlimited period of time.