Although the advancements in remote connectivity have seen an increase in the last years, there still are aspects that aren’t fully optimized, causing issues of various nature when working under a Remote Desktop Connection environment, be it that it’s the default, Windows OS one, or, third-party software, such as Teradici PCoIP. One such issue is the compatibility of the two-way sound streaming, which, more often than not can yield problematic situations under RDPs, especially when dealing with apps such as Skype, NetMeeting, and more.

Sound for Remote Desktop, just as its name aptly suggests, is a solution that was developed specifically in order to enable users the ability to achieve two-way low-latency sound streaming when running Remote Desktop sessions.

DirectSound applications do not natively support audio input or output functionality in remote desktop environments and this application will eliminate such circumstances, by transferring the audio stream with low latency and high sampling rate to the required remote sessions.

The application’s main functioning principle relies on two distinct components: a workstation and a server. The first is to be installed on the local PC, and the latter on the remote host, regardless if using RDP, Citrix, or PCoIP, and once deployed, the application will automatically redirect all audio input and output transmissions.