Sound of the Letters and Numbers is a reliable educational tool that enables you to learn or teach the English pronunciation of letters and numbers. The software can render the sound of all the letters in the English alphabet and the numbers from one to one hundred. The software features a playful, friendly interface.

Sound of the Letters and Numbers allows you, as a teacher, to use it as a double purpose: teach children the letters and numbers, as well as let them learn the English version of characters. With its colorful interface, Sound of the Letters and Numbers is a suitable software to use as a teaching assistant in schools.

The software features pre-recorded audio clips with the pronunciation for each letter/number used in English writing. You simply need to click a specific symbol from the main panel and listen to the correct pronunciation. In case you wish to view and listen to the numbers’ spelling, just click on the area on the right side, in order to access the list with individual numbers.

Sound of the Letters and Numbers can also spell words, large numbers or any piece of text you enter in the editing area. You can choose between upper and lower-case letters or digits 0 to 9, in order to type in a piece of text. A simple mouse click on the desired symbol and it is rendered in the text box.

Additionally, you can drag each symbol, from the list to any other location in the software’s window and create words. Moreover, holding the Ctrl key down while dragging any symbol, you can resize it in any way you wish. This playful function can be suitable for teaching young students.

Sound of the Letters and Numbers allows you as a student to learn or as a professor to teach the English pronunciation and spelling of letters/numbers. It features pre-recorded audio clips of all the characters in English, that the software can play when you click on a certain symbol from the list.