If two of your greatest passions are creating music and socializing over the Internet, then you should try Soundtrap, the software application that combines features from both of these aspects.

Soundtrap is a digital audio workstation (DAW) which is easily accessible directly in your browser. It supports a variety of devices, such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, Android phones and tablets and iPad, thus allowing you to connect with other people no matter the hardware they have.

This wide flexibility or supported devices means that it allows you to continue working on your projects no matter where you are. You can start off at home on your PC, and when going outside you can continue adding touches to your songs over the phone.

When it comes to the music creation itself, the software program doesn't disappoint. You can start off a project as a blank slate, or use one of the templates put at your disposal by Soundtrap, and then you can start mixing: browse the vast library of loops, use the "Pattern Beatmaker", play the synth, upload files from your library, etc.

But one neat feature within the console stands out: the "Invite a friend" button. Just input the E-mail through which they made their Soundtrap account, and you may invite them to help you create the ultimate song.

The other core feature of this software application is the social platform aspect. Similar to Facebook, Twitter or VK, everything revolves around your user profile, as it becomes the avatar through which people communicate with you.

Personalize it with a profile and background picture, a name, some short info about yourself and where people may find you for future collaborations.

Like other social networking platforms, you can modify chat settings, such as who can and cannot message you, some notification settings, while the idea of having followers is also implemented.

Considering how great the app combines the aspects of creating music with social platforming aspects, Soundtrap cement's itself as an application worth trying if you think that more than one mind is needed to create the ultimate hits.