Do you know what computers are on YOUR network?

Do you have to support mulitple networks and have trouble remembering IP addresses?

Have you ever wanted to record the ping results for a particular IP? If so Southrim Ping Finder is the tool for you.

With Southrim Ping Finder you can do all of those and much more. Southrim Ping Finder is a powerful yet user friendly application that will assist you in debug network issues,discovering IP addresses on your network or to assist you in find that one important IP address.

Here are some key features of "Southrim Ping Finder":

■ Intuitive user interface for minimal learning curve

■ Determine the Host Named

■ Command line argument to speed use and to easily handle multiple networks

■ Sortable columns

■ Optional Color Coded Results

■ Save results to CSV formatted files

■ Right clicking on IP Address will bring detailed continuous ping information

■ Record results of live continuous ping


■ .NET Framework