Be it family photos, your music collection or scientific information collected for a research project, data will eventually run out your available storage. Keeping a sharp eye on occupancy and the remaining resources becomes mandatory for maintaining a fast-running PC. Space Cadet will not only allow you to determine the “culprits” for the space occupied on your drives but also provide insight into the actual occupancy percentages and other relevant information.

One of the nice features of Space Cadet is that immediately after the completion of the installation process, you get to see the percentage of free or occupied space. A large, dedicated percentage bar displays both the actual numbers, as well as a graphic depiction of the amount.

Furthermore, when selecting a different drive or even directory, all the files contained within it can be listed and sorted according to their respective occupancy percentages. This is useful, as it allows you to determine the “most voluminous occupants” in just a single mouse click.

Although the app allows you to view the occupancy for your drives and their subsequent contents, sometimes it could be useful to isolate the statistics only to a certain extent of your drives.

Thankfully, the program features a nifty exclusion module, which enables you to exclude certain directories or drives from the analysis, allowing you to view only the elements that are of interest.

If you’re running low on space on your hard drives or you’re just curious about the different storage occupancy percentages for your files or directories, this app can provide you with a good view of those aspects.