Spam Reader implements Bayesian filtering into Outlook, providing you with a secure method to read messages that end up in your 'Spam' folder. Using this simple plugin for Outlook, you can easily determine which message is junk and automatically block it, while e-mails that were accidentally saved as spam are returned to your inbox.

Once installed in Outlook, you will be able to enjoy all the features that Spam Reader has to offer, accessing all its options via the newly created tab. Spam Reader can monitor multiple mailboxes at the same time, provided you create a list in its 'Options' window.

Using the Bayesian technique in conjunction with an extended database of known spam e-mails, the application analyzes each received message in order to find words that are usually included in junk mail. Messages that are identified as spam are immediately sent to the corresponding folder and marked as read.

The detection accuracy is greatly improved thanks to the self-training capabilities of Spam Reader. To be more specific, by analyzing all messages that are received in your mailbox, it can gradually learn about texts that betray an unwanted message and differentiate them from 'good e-mail'.

Furthermore, you can easily add your own filtering rules by telling Spam Reader whether it should treat an e-mail or similar messages as spam or not.

In order to prevent losing messages you actually want to keep, the application enables you to create a 'whitelist' comprising e-mails from correspondents you exchange e-mails with on a regular basis. Messages from addresses in this list are not marked as spam, even if their content says otherwise.

Spam Reader is a powerful spam protection system for Outlook users, enhancing the functionality of the popular e-mail client. With a solid rule set, it helps you save the time needed to manually filter junk and unwanted mail.