Speakables for Skype allows you make, answer, and disconnect ongoing Skype calls remotely when you're AWAY from your computer and keyboard/mouse.

Washing dishes, out by the pool, feeding the baby…never miss a Skype call.

Add any Skype friends you want, and call them anytime, just by using your voice!

With Speakables for Skype, you don't need to be tethered to your PC to Skype your friends (or just look cool)!

In addition to controlling Skype, Speakables' simple, easy-to-use interface provides full PC voice control to create any commands you want.

The program includes a small list of commands already installed for using popular programs like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook, and the convenience of importing complete command sets for these and other Windows programs.

Requirements: .NET Framework and SAPI

Limitations: 30 day free trial