Speaker Locker is a simple, yet reliable application that enables you to automate the system volume adjustment, according to the time intervals you set in advance. The program can adjust the system volume according to your instructions even if you are not at the computer. It runs in the background and can start with Windows.

With Speaker Locker, you can automate the volume adjustment depending on the moment of the day. It is particularly useful in case your computer needs to stay on for long periods of time since it can turn the volume up during the day or to mute at night.

Even if you leave your PC unattended, this program can set the volume so that it does not bother neighbors, for instance. Speaker Locker allows you to set up to five time intervals, which are applied in the course of 24 hours. The options are applied recurrently, so you do not need to reset the intervals every day.

Speaker Locker allows you to set time intervals that cover the span of 24 hours, displayed in the 12-hour system. You need to specify the exact value to which the program should set the volume or set a threshold. The volume can be lower or greater than the specified value and can also be set to mute.

The program runs in the background, but you can view its interface by clicking the icon in the system tray. It can automatically start with Windows and the access to its interface can be password protected.

Speaker Locker allows you to create schedules for automatic adjustment of the system volume. The program is simple to use, runs in the background and is protected by a password so that no unauthorized user can make changes or uninstall it. It is useful in case you need to leave your PC unattended and cannot change the volume manually.